Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has joined a growing chorus of voices within the Republican party calling on presidential candidate, Donald Trump, to step out of the race and let someone else challenge Hilary Clinton.

Writing on her Facebook post, Rice who served as national security adviser to former President George W. Bush, said: “Enough! Donald Trump should not be President. He should withdraw. As a Republican, I hope to support someone who has the dignity and stature to run for the highest office in the greatest democracy on earth.”

Rice’s comment prompted other twitters to urge her to consider running for presidency herself, with one woman writing: “I still wish @CondoleezzaRice was running for president.”

Another wrote: “Why can’t we nominate someone like @CondoleezzaRice to run for president because the idiots we had running allowed the GOP to come to this.”

Yet another twitter says: “Condoleezza Rice could put her name on the ballot right now and win by a landslide. Heck, I might write her name in.”

However, Rice who is now professor at Stanford University has always distanced herself from seeking any Republican nomination to run for presidency.

Analysts say Trump, who was caught up in yet another media scandal when a tape recorded in 2005 surfaced showing him making sexually explicit comments about grabbing women without their consent, may now have done irreparable damage to his chances of beating Mrs Clinton in the presidential election early next year.