Sean “Diddy” Combs...reputed to be worth $750 million


SEAN “Diddy” Combs company, Revolt TV, is being sued for “reverse discrimination” by a group of former white male employees.

A source in the entertainment industry in the US told Team Buntu Africa that the suit claims that the employees were fired from the music channel because they weren’t young and black.

Court documents indicate that Douglas Goodstein and four other white producers, all over age 39, allege that they were treated “worse than other employees who were younger and African-American” while working on the televised version of Revolt’s popular urban talk-radio program, “The Breakfast Club.”

The Manhattan Supreme Court suit claims that Executive Vice President, Val Boreland “was always rude, condescending and dismissive towards the five white producers while she treated the African-American staff in a much friendlier and respectful manner.”

The suit went on to state: “the animosity Mr. Boreland had towards Caucasians was clear.” 

Furthermore, In the suit, the employees who were fired in December 2014, describe an environment where the older white male employees were marginalized as young black employees were nurtured, despite what they deemed to be unprofessional behaviour.

The lawsuit alleges that executives turned a blind eye to the behaviour of “African-American employees who arrived to work intoxicated or hung over.”

One production assistant “often came to work late, drunk and slept on the editing floor during work hours,” the suit alleges. Yet he “suffered no repercussions for this behaviour.”

Responding to the allegations made in the suit, a lawyer representing Revolt TV said: “These claims are without merit and have previously been dismissed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.”

Sean “Diddy” Combs, reputed to be worth $750 million is a consummate entrepreneur with a portfolio of companies including, Bad Boy Records, Revolt TV, Wine & Spirits, Sean John and AQUAhydrate.

Analysts predict that Combs is on the verge of becoming the fourth African American to join the exclusive billionaire club this year, when the valuation of his companies is predicted to push him over the billion dollar mark.