One of Lesotho babies in hospital after MR vaccination


HUNDREDS of children between the ages of 1 to 14 have been admitted in hospitals across Lesotho after a nationwide vaccination for measles and rubella (MR) resulted in horrific skin rashes, fever and muscle pain.

The vaccinations were carried out in February under the authority of the Lesotho ministry of health headed by Dr Molotsi Monyamane, in association with World Health Organization and UNICEF.

At a press conference on Thursday last week Dr Monyamane didn’t fully acknowledge that the MR jabs which were administered in homes, schools and clinics were the main cause of ill effects on hundreds of children and the death of at least one child.

Instead the minister downplayed the effects of the vaccination by saying the children who have come out with rashes and other illnesses might be undernourished, hence their reaction to the vaccine.

‘We don’t have proof that the pictures posted on social media are truly for children who got such side effects from the vaccination,” Dr Monyamane said.

He added: “Do not bring us pictures, bring those children here we have a specialist here. Parents should bring documented evidence from health professionals that prove that the children`s illness is a result of the vaccine. Take your children to the health facilities; I do not know what is ailing the children. Let’s all investigate what is causing this outbreak. We can’t attribute every illness in the country to the vaccine.”

Dr Monyamane’s dismissive attitude has offended scores of parents some of who are considering legal action against him and the ministry of health.

One mother who didn’t want to be identified told Team Buntu Africa that her once perfectly healthy five-year old son has been sick since being vaccinated with MR.

“My son has been sick almost three weeks now,” she said. “Normally, he is a very playful and cheerful child. Since the afternoon of the vaccination, he is always tired. He seldom plays and he is always coughing. He has a running nose and has a terrible rash on his thighs.  He also has a very high fever and spots on his head, stomach and legs.

“I rushed him to a local hospital immediately when all these signs and symptoms began. The doctors gave him paracetamol and allergex but both do not help. I feel helpless and don’t know what else to do,” the mother added.

According to the Centre of Disease Control in USA MR vaccine is perfectly safe and very effective at preventing measles, mumps and rubella.

However, the information posted on their website also acknowledges that like any other vaccines, MR vaccine has side effects too, such a sore arm after the shot, fever, mild rash, and temporary stiffness in the joints.

“Extremely rarely, a person may have serious allergic reaction to MMR vaccine, “ the  website article notes.

Medical experts say there are people who, medically, should not be given this MR vaccine. Like those who are sick at the time the shot is scheduled, people who are HIV/AIDS positive or who have other diseases that affect the immune system, people who are currently taking drugs that affect the immune system, those that have any kind of cancer, has ever had a blood disorder, has received another vaccine within the past 4 weeks, and have recently received blood transfusion.

Lesotho is not the only country to receive this vaccine. Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, India and Botswana are among the many countries that have received MR vaccine. Namibia received the MR vaccine in 2016, Kenya in 2016, Tanzania in 2014, India in February 2017 and Botswana in 2016.

In Namibia 21 babies reportedly died from MR vaccination. Consequently, six parents sued Namibia’s ministry of health.

In Lesotho too, scores of parents are calling out on radio stations seeking ways in which they can take legal action.



  1. The Lesotho Minister of Health doesn’t feel the pain the parents are feeling with their children ailing and not knowing if they will be okay or they will also end up losing their lives.

  2. The most shocking aspect about this whole thing in Lesotho is that some parents were not even told about the vaccination. The government did this without them knowing. My sister wasn’t aware that my niece was vaccinated until she was showing signs of the side effects of the vaccine. I feel we were let down

  3. I think the honourable minister tackled this issue from the political perspective whereas his office should protect the community at large. If this vaccine proved to have failed Namibia by killing that number why did we allow such a monger to cross our borders?

    • Bill Gates clearly states in one of his interviews that vaccinations are being used to control the world’s population. How horrific! They just don’t care…

  4. This is very sad. An immediate investigation into these cases is required. Additionally, further research on the vaccination is also required. These children are future leaders of Africa and they should be taken care of.

    • They ARE being taken care of but not in the way one would have hoped they would be taken care of.

      Excerpt from an interview of a former vaccine industry insider:

      Q: If vaccines actually do harm, why are they given?

      A: First of all, there is no “if.” They do harm. It becomes a more difficult question to decide whether they do harm in those people who seem to show no harm. Then you are dealing with the kind of research which should be done, but isn’t. Researchers should be probing to discover a kind of map, or flow chart, which shows exactly what vaccines do in the body from the moment they enter. This research has not been done. As to why they are given, we could sit here for two days and discuss all the reasons. As you’ve said many times, at different layers of the system people have their motives. Money, fear of losing a job, the desire to win brownie points, prestige, awards, promotion, misguided idealism, unthinking habit, and so on. But, at the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but it’s true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a man who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests. There is an underground, shall we say, in Africa, made up of various officials who are earnestly trying to change the lot of the poor. This network of people knows what is going on. They know that vaccines have been used, and are being used, to destroy their countries, to make them ripe for takeover by globalist powers.


  5. Let’s hope the Lesotho Ministry of Health and WHO are doing something about it. Lesotho should just bring back NSF

    • There will be a huge conference in USA at the end of March at which the effectiveness of the MR vaccines will be investigated. The world is in uproar about the negative effects of vaccinations and it will be interesting to see what the outcome of the conference will be.

    • Governments don’t do any thing about anything. They merely implement the rules regulations and laws formulated by the ruling elites. People must make their voice heard. Demand vaccinating their child a choice not forced.

  6. The Lesotho Minister of Health responded to this serious matter in a political manner. It’s really sad for families affected by this tragic vaccination programme. I think legal action is the only way to resolve this issue.

  7. The Lesotho Minister of Health didn’t show any sign of symphathy, whatsoever, during the press conference about the MR vaccination that had gone wrong. He answered questions in a casual manner, yet this issue needs serious attention.

  8. Mothers Of Africa Let Us Keep Our Children Alive.

    The Other Side Of Vaccines. Vaccines must not be a prerequisite to accept children in school. Parents and children must have the freedom to choose. Vaccinating your child must be a choice not forced. No choice is merely a sign of fascism not democracy. Vaccines are a mechanism to reduce the world’s population. Africa, as usual, is the playground for the medical industry to test its vaccines. The results have its casualties as has been demonstrated in Lesotho and in many other parts of Africa. People should recall that many diseases supposedly originate from Africa, like AIDS and Ibola -just to mention a couple. Parents, especially mothers. We have to have our voice heard. Healthy natural food is the best vaccination. Avoid eating foods with (MSG) Monosodium glutamate and saturated fats. And avoid the microwave. Prepare your food fresh.

  9. I am shocked that this happened to the children. I didn’t even know their was a MR vaccine and it’s a live vaccine? So these kids possibly got measles from the vaccine? Also it seems there is Neomycin in the vaccine. These symptoms suffered by the children could also have resulted from an allergic reaction to Neomycin. Vaccines can be dangerous, especially if you inject malnourished children or those with vaccine ingredient allergies. This is really upsetting.

  10. ”Vaccination is not disease prevention – it’s a particularly nasty form of organised crime in that it manipulates parents’ protective instincts to get them to submit their child into getting poisoned for profit under the guise of disease prevention.” ~ Erwin Alber.

  11. Maybe someone should send the Lesotho Minister of Health the Vaxxed documentary and explain to him that African American boys are particularly susceptible to vaccine injury….and that the CDC and Merck know this and destroyed the evidence… and that they don’t care… unless he is in their pockets this should peak his interest …

  12. Dr Alvin Moss, MD, practicing nephrologist and Director of Bioethics at West Virginia University, explains some of the possible hazardous outcomes of being vaccinated: Paralysis, autoimmune disease, seizures, neurological injury and sometimes death.
    LEARN MORE: tinyurl.com/TheTruthAboutVaccines
    Networking, resources and much needed group support is here:

  13. Of course the CDC says it’s “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” just as they claim ALL vaccines are. How they can actually pretend that they “don’t know if it’s the vaccine” causing all these identical illnesses directly after vaccinating is utterly astounding! YES they know it’s dangerous, and that’s EXACTLY why they sent it to these poor countries under the guise of “helping” them. It’s likely they are TESTING this vaccine because Merck is under fire due to the ineffectiveness of the MMR- The Mumps part of it is NOT preventing the illness. If they are attempting to create a new option, what better way to test it out without informing the subjects than send them overseas fully knowing the dangers? Bill Gates, in his philanthropic “kindness”, has sent vaccines all over the world to help less fortunate people. DIE. He has been recorded many times saying that in order to prevent overcrowding and reduce the population, we can do a really great job with new vaccines to drop it by 15% or so. How terribly SAD for those who thought they were there to PROTECT their babies- Just look at them now! The evil, greedy, money-hungry, soulless “elite” are eliminating the disposable…

    • Exactly. They are doing it with – among other things – vaccines, fluoride, chemtrail spraying and GMO food.

  14. Strangely this story never made the Mainstream media. South Africans should be more aware of the real impact of vaccines containing toxic heavy metals and aborted feral cells.

  15. I want to share this on my page with stats-

    Can someone help me?

    1. Measles deaths in countries where the vaccines is given (the years before the vax was given)

    2. Deaths reported from the vaccine for measles

    If I can get this I will share in every place I can!

    So sad; people need to know