Dr Nkosana Moyo...bidding forZimbabwe presidency

THE looming Zimbabwe elections in 2018 has a new candidate in the shape of Nkosana Moyo an internationally renowned banker and strategist.

Moyo announced his intention on Thursday at a press conference in Harare, during which he proclaimed that he was heeding a call from diverse Zimbabweans to run for the top job in the country.

If ever there was a time when a country needed fresh blood and fresh ideas to get it out of its unenviable international pariah status and economic doldrums, that time is now for Zimbabwe.

Moyo’s party, the Alliance for the People’s Agenda may not yet be a household name in Zimbabwe. However, in a nation where political parties with a history stretching back to the 1960’s have done so little for ordinary people, the appearance of Alliance for the People’s Agenda on the horizon, should be welcomed by politically discerning people.

Moyo’s move to throw his hat into the ring for presidency comes across as an honest endeavour driven by a sense of patriotism.

Lest we forget, Moyo served as industry and international trade minister for Zimbabwe at the turn of the millennium. He resigned mainly because he had sharp policy differences with Mugabe, especially pertaining to the chaotic land reform programme. Most people, in Moyo’s place, would probably have been content to stay put and enjoy the vast privileges that come with being a government minister.

The fact that Moyo chose to follow his conscience speaks volumes about his character and sense of duty.

The economy has shrunk to a point where today it is about one tenth of what it was seven years ago,” Moyo stated during the press conference. “There is a whole generation of young people, especially those younger than 35 years of age, who have not known anything else other than this abnormal situation.”

Whichever way any fair minded person chooses to look at the abnormal situation Moyo refers to, one cannot fail to recognise that Zimbabwe has been drifting like a rudderless ship for decades. The rot has eaten deep into the fabric of society, with more than 80% unemployed, crime rate soaring, public services degraded and corruption spreading into every facet of life.

Needless to say the collapse of the economy has been blamed on sanctions and powerful enemies of Zimbabwe. However, if the truth be told, the real cause of the country’s economic stagnation and degradation is lack of government accountability and fiscal indiscipline.

Zimbabwe has been starved of government accountability for so long that Zimbabweans are often taken aback when they see South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma being asked direct and blunt questions in parliament regarding government expenditure.

Why doesn’t that ever happen in Zimbabwe where $15billion from diamond revenue disappeared into thin air, without so much as a single government official taking the blame or even being questioned by the police?

When any country has that amount of corruption, the clamour should be for political change. Moyo is undoubted presidential material in the eyes of many and deserves the backing of Zimbabweans who want to see change in the way their country is run. Furthermore, Moyo commands considerable international respect to attract investment which Zimbabwe badly needs to fight its way back to economic growth and international respectability.


  1. It would be great to see a new style of leadership in Zimbabwe. Dr Moyo could be the breath of fresh air that a majority of the people need. He deserves the support of the people and I think he will do well considering the fact that he is a respected economist and intellectual, with significant international exposure.