Kogi Annan...urges calm after disputed election results

KOFI Annan the former UN Secretary General has urged Kenya’s political leaders to be “careful with their rhetoric and actions” and urged opposition leader Raila Odinga to pursue any complaints he has over the general election results, in court.

The official results from Kenya’s general elections on 8th August gave President Uhuru Kenyatta 54.3%, and Odinga 44.7%. However, Odinga’s coalition NASA has rejected the results, claiming massive fraud.

Annan’s warning over the weekend came as the death toll from violence triggered by the elections in Kenya continued to rise. On Saturday the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights said 24 people had been shot dead during protests since election day.

Meanwhile, Kenya’s coalition party NASA, has claimed that security forces on Saturday killed more than 100 people, including children, in a crackdown on post-election unrest.

NASA did not offer any proof of that death toll during a news conference at which James Orengo, a top official of NASA , said police had provoked the violence.

Analysts say tension has been ratcheted up by Odinga urging his supporters during a rally on Sunday, to stay away from work today “to mourn the fallen patriots.”

“This is a failed regime that is resorting to killing people instead of addressing the real issue. The vote was stolen. There’s no secret about that,” Odinga told around 4,000 people at the rally.

He added: “We had predicted they will steal the election and that’s what happened. We are not done yet. We will not give up. Wait for the next course of action which I will announce the day after tomorrow. But for now I want to tell you not to go to work tomorrow (Monday).”

Post-election violence in Kenya in 2007 claimed 1,200 lives and 600,000 were displaced.