Chichi...not interested in getting hitched

CHICHI Letswalo, the South African television actress and presenter has sworn that she will never get married nor have any children because she isn’t “built” for a life of husband and kids.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE the television personality who started her career in the popular Wedding Show on SABC3, said the experience of seeing her friends getting married then getting divorced had put her off the idea of getting hitched, forever.

I don’t want to get married personally‚ ever,” Chichi says. “I don’t believe you need to get married in order to be happy. I don’t want to get married and I don’t want children. It is a personal choice.”

Ironically, Chichi who was born and raised in the Alexandra township outside Johannesburg, made the breakthrough as a television presenter when she was spotted by producers of The Wedding Show who were canvassing shoppers in the Rosebank mall in Joburg in 2003.

Chichi reportedly blew the producers away in her interview about her ideal wedding so much that they offered her a job as co-presenter of the reality programme with Ed Jordan.

After her stint on the Wedding Show ended, Chichi left South Africa in 2007 and settled in New York where she attended a drama school for a couple of years. When she went back to South Africa in 2012, she was offered acting roles in several soap operas, most notably in Tshisa.

Chichi says that while she enjoys being in a relationship and loves “being in love” she wants to retain the freedom to pursue her dreams without the limitations a family would bring.

It’s never been a dream of mine to have a husband and kids,” Chichi insists. “The thought of it actually gives me anxiety. I think children are wonderful. A family is wonderful‚ but I feel like the world has changed so much and women have revolutionised themselves so much that you can choose the kind of woman you want to to be.”