Robert Mugabe under siege...only three ministers attended his cabinet meeting

By Brian Moyo

FOUR days after the maddening crowds marched through the streets of Harare, Bulawayo and other towns in an unprecedented public show of force against Robert Mugabe’s presidency, an uneasy uncertainty now prevails around the country.

After the euphoria that engulfed the country last Saturday, as tens of thousands of people of all races showcased their passion for Mugabe’s demise, it is rather disappointing that the man himself seems unshaken and ready to assert whatever little authority he can cling on.

And it beggars belief that after such an overwhelming response by the people of Zimbabwe, no one seems certain about how to hammer the final nail on Mugabe’s political coffin.

Is it perhaps, part of Zimbabwe Defence Forces and new Zanu-PF leader, Emmerson Mngangagwa’s strategy to let Mugabe wallow in the delusion that he is still in charge, because no coup was officially declared?

Even impeachment, which was the preferred option after Mugabe refused to resign, appears to be shrouded with all manner of imponderables, including brain numbing clauses pertaining to the legal process.

The irony here is that the law seems to protect even the most roguish political leaders from getting their just deserts from the public they have wronged. So scores of lawyers are now twisting their brains over how impeachment will impact on the welfare of an individual, an individual, dare I say, who has never respected the rule of law when it suited him!


But is that how the main stakeholders – the people of Zimbabwe see it? Would any right thinking Zimbabwean take issue with the fact that Mugabe was kicked from office through a process of impeachment which fell short of all the required criteria?

Perhaps, when dealing with a rogue president with a long record of unleashing the police, the CIO, the army and other unregistered elements under his command, to harass members of opposition parties, a bit of lawlessness on the part of those who want him out, should be tolerated.

I cant imagine that anyone who isn’t part of Mugabe’s family or on his payroll for nefarious activities, will lose sleep over the fact that he has been impeached by whatever means necessary.

Mugabe has led a charmed life and always seems capable of negotiating his way around any obstacles placed in his way.

Even today, after his sacking as leader of Zanu-PF was gleefully witnessed by the whole nation, he had the audacity to hold his first cabinet meeting since he was placed under State House arrest by Zimbabwe Defence Forces last Wednesday.

It is a well founded truism that politicians generally think nothing of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. But I can’t imagine that even the most turncoat politicians in Mugabe’s cabinet could ever have envisaged scenarios whereby they might be obliged to change loyalties within a matter of days, without looking ridiculous, to say the least.

So please spare a thought for anyone who was in Mugabe’s cabinet and found themselves caught up in the Team-Hare or Team-Hound circus. Within a week, these men and women have swapped loyalties as the political pendulum swung one way and the other at dizzying speeds.

And social media being what it is, there is still fresh evidence online of some of them crowing and ululating at the news that Mugabe was now old news.

Now, suddenly they were expected to attend a cabinet meeting chaired by the very man they hoped never ever to cockatoo to again! This equates to a 180 degree turn that even the most experienced trapeze artist would find daunting to execute.

Unfortunately for Mugabe, only three of his cabinet members turned up for the meeting! That represents only 5% of the cabinet.

One would hope that after this demonstration of apathy to his rule by his cabinet, Mugabe will finally see the light at the end of the 37 year-long tunnel of his rule.

Now that Mugabe’s heir apparent, Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose sacking as vice president triggered the “soft coup” by the army, has counselled Mugabe to resign and save himself the humiliation of being removed from presidency by impeachment proceedings, we await the next move by the old wily politician.



  1. Why can’t Robert Mugabe see the light? I don’t understand why he can’t just walk away gracefully.

  2. It seems that we continue to walk with blindfolds as our enemies sit waiting and plotting our demise. As it is Zimbabwe has finally been brought to its knees. It is sad that it had to go through the levels of corruption and unrest which I believe were part of the plan to destroy the country under black rule We are so gullible as black people and easy to indoctrinate. It seems we do not want true freedom and continue to aspire for the European’s shiny beads. Wake up Zimbabweans – this goes deeper than Mugabe. You will soon be getting a democracy enriching the white man all over again and making you mòdern slaves in your own country. How sad….